Interesting myths that rule “Escort Service Providers”

11 Nov

The glory of escort service jobs reached an utmost height of fame with fictional movies and dramas. The escort industry is captured in many movies. The media showcases the enthralling field of work in an over-dramatized, exceptional and colorful manner. However, no one gets a chance to know the industry’s real nicks and knacks. The mass entertainment machine ponders around few interesting but misinterpreted myths. In this article I wish to examine through these myths.

What you hear is not their call!

Most movies show escorts as “people” wrapped up with guns and crimes. In many movies, businessmen who are gang leaders, would partner up with escorts and take over criminal syndicates. To be more precise, escorts end up in big crimes or criminal investigations. For instance, in “The Walker” you will see an escort, who gets herself involved in an intense murder case. Similar instances are portrayed in movies like “Mr. Jolly Lives Next Door” and “American Gigolo”. On the other hand, real world escorts lead a simple life. Their lifestyle tends to confine with the state’s federal laws and regulations. Thus, very rarely would you find an escort in jail! As time passes, the service devoured by escorts would appear boring and less interesting!

What you want is not their wish!

Secondly, clienteles regard male escorts as people with wild lives. For example, in “Boy Culture”, male escorts are portrayed as people who attend huge parties with alcohol, money and drugs. Well, this is quite different from the life lead by ordinary male escorts. More than 50% of the “Singapore Escort” lead a passive life style. They meet up with female customers and suffice their needs, before entering into their monotonous life. The wild activities and raucous events don’t happen in real life. To be more precise, upscale females hire escorts to accomplish their daily chores. Though male escorts are expected to be classy and discreet, they life styles can be very fragile! Also, it is wise to bear in mind that wild party goers would lead a volatile lifestyle with very little promises in their careers.

What you think is not their thought!

As you watch movies like “Blow Out”, “Butterfield 8’s” and “Leaving Las Vegas”, you will find escorts without happy endings. This is a misconception that runs in the minds of many! Agencies under the umbrella “Escort Service Singapore” tend to hire people with upright self esteem, good relationships and financial stability. This proves that escorts do have blissful endings. Though some professionals in the challenging industry end up with broken lives, many enjoy a pleasurable existence.

What you feel is not their life!

Gone are the days when escorts were regarded as stupid people with very little motives in life. For instance, “Mighty Aphrodite” showed an escort named Linda as a shallow, unintelligent and thoughtless girl. However, professional Singapore Escort service providers tend to stand against this statement. This is because successful escorts must showcase signs of smartness and class. Anyone who fails to cling onto wit, knowledge and humor would fail in this field of work. Additionally, escorts should have brains if they wish to last in the industry. As, the art of pleasing clients is never an easy job!

What you see is not what they make!

Finally, television dramas like “The Client List” states that escorts make loads of money! This is certainly a huge misinterpretation! The straight down cash acquired by escorts would range from $500 to $1500 per month. However, escorts who handle CEO’s, high powered managers and wealthy executives would earn a little more! The lucrative career will depend on your level of proficiency, ambience and customer! Thus, “escorts” are not people with huge, superfluous pay checks!

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The Bond Between Escorts and Hollywood!

01 Sep

525_0_0_97_564x423Every year, several thousand people enter into “Hollywood”! The huge entertainment industry promises its followers, sensational opportunities and rewards. Some wish to become supermodels, while others prefer the field of acting. However, it is quite interesting to note that world famous actors and actresses, were once escorts! Experienced escorts, who come in touch with topnotch celebrities, are conferred with the opportunity to enter into Hollywood.

Expert review on Hollywood’s top escorts

In this article, I wish to give you a brief insight into the lives of celebrities, who marked a strong presence in the escort industry. The analysis was officially drafted by Manhattan’s Madam Kristin Davis. Her list of escorts ranged from top notch models to super models! Davis believes that patrons enter into the escort industry to taste its excitement, money and drama. Consequently, successful escorts establish a strategic network, which allows them to start a promising career.

1) The Word – Davis starts by stating that escorts are influential people, who know the right buttons. They tend to showcase strong communicational skills. Moreover, she states that “escorts” who fail to establish a strong network would lose their image abruptly. This is regarded as the industry’s biggest thrill. No one knows when and where an unforeseen incident could occur! As no two customers think, expect or ask similar things!
2) Self Esteem – Secondly, Davis believes that most clients treat their escorts with an utmost level of respect. Customers with high profiles tend to appreciate their escorts with flourishing jobs in Hollywood. This is how many escorts marched their way into the film industry.
3) Money – Moving on, escorts who are paid superfluously, tend to lead a luxurious life. For instance, if an escort lands a contract with L’Oreal, she will definitely make $25,000 for every deal! The foremost income has the wit to change lives. Davis states that escorts who land up with huge contracts, shift into expensive lifestyles.

Its your CALL!

It is quite interesting to note that, Hollywood actors and actresses have become escorts with time! The spark in being an escort is easy experienced than said. High end escorts are allowed to enjoy a painless life. Since the escort industry expects its employees to portray a bright side, at all times. Moreover, Hollywood and escort service jobs are strongly synchronized. Consequently, the career choice will depend on the type and amount of income you wish to make.

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Unknown Facts About Escorts!

21 Jul

628x471Escorts are professionals, who are often misinterpreted or misunderstood. In this evolving world, busy men and women tend to look for ways that would soothe their inner being. This is an ultimate reason behind the need for escorts. Many people dream, connect and explore through the world of escort service jobs for productive causes. If you are one such person, feel lucky! This article is to help you master the challenging field of work. As you become aware of the tips and tacs that rule the escort industry, you will certainly make several thousand dollars every month!

Are you rated properly?

Experts consider this millennium as the era of blogging and surfing. The internet is filled with anything and everything. Thus, the hunt for escorts would begin with the internet. As a consequence, escorts are ought to enhance your virtual image. There is no surprise that “escort jobs and service providers” are rated in the internet. Patrons who have high internet ratings will have the chance the serve powerful business men and famous entrepreneurs. As potential escorts you should get hold of high-ratings and positive feedback comments in sites like and These are famous sites that rule the escort industry.

Your flight around the world!

Secondly, if you wish to become an escort, you should be ready to travel. Unlike many other professions, escorts are conferred with the opportunity to cross cities, states, borders and seas. Escorts are allowed to move around with their clientele. Thus, escorts who get hold of rich customers will definitely experience an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The amount of glamour and dazzle linked with these tours will certainly blow you off your feet. Also, most customers tend to delight escorts with rich clothes and accessories. This is another interesting notion, which distinguishes the industry from many other vocations. Last year, a world famous businessman took his escort on a European tour! The so-called-call-girl was allowed to enjoy royal treatments with a two-week stay in wealthy hotels.

What you make would depend on YOU!

Secondly, you should remember that escorts work for money and they work with money. It is quite evident that people with huge chunks of money, tend to hire escorts. Thus, the professionals can pull up anything from $150 to $500 every hour. The final income would depend on the service, the demand and the place. Top notch cities like California, Sydney and London, portrays a strong demand for escorts. This is when the relationship between escorts and money, becomes stronger.

The notable difference!

Moving on, the rules and regulations that govern escorts differ from one country to another. Some find the act legal, while others regard it as a “disgrace”.
1) In Japan, escorts are not allowed to have any forms of physical contact. People, who violate the rule, would be punished severely.
2) Western European countries treat escort services as fun-filled tasks. The nations showcase relaxed rules and acceptable laws.
3) Countries like New Zealand, expects escorts to pay taxes! This is because “escorts” are regarded as serious money makers with financial stability.

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